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Can social networking aid you in your job search?

Can social networking aid you in your job search

With so many social channels to select from and so much time spent posting, tweeting, commenting, and liking, social media consumes a significant portion of most people’s day. With that much time invested, it’s no surprise that social media platforms have evolved into much more than just a method to remain in touch with friends and family.

Social media channels for job searches are quickly becoming a tool for locating open listings for those in the job market and looking for a new employment. While traditional job boards remain the major ‘go-to,’ social media is a rising and alternative means for looking and finding jobs.

Social networking sites with specific job boards

Platforms oriented toward business users, such as Linkedin, have added their own job postings function for businesses and firms to post available opportunities and locate competent applicants. Linkedin provides the extra benefit of allowing hiring managers to link right back to the candidates Linkedin page, providing them with further insight and information.

Candidates can also read a hiring manager’s profile and gain information about the company, research growth or history, and even see other employees’ profiles who are presently working for the organization. Facebook also has its own job listing section, with listings that can be searched and sorted to local companies or filtered by keyword. It does not provide as much information on the recruiting company as Linkedin, but both social networking networks are becoming more popular for job searches.

Platforms that do not have a job board

So what about the social media platforms that don’t have a specific job board? They can, however, still be used to find potential job opportunities. When looking for a new job, networking, interacting with businesses, and using hashtags can all help. The option to build a direct connection and interact online with the job poster, as with Linkedin and Facebook, is an added bonus.

There is a thriving community of smaller businesses and start-ups that choose to hire through platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where they can profit from a long-term connection with the candidate or earn referrals from other similar organizations in their network. Popular accounts and influencers can also help to spread the word about job openings.

How should I approach my job search using social media?

Using one platform over another may be advantageous depending on the type of job you are looking for. Depending on the sort of opportunity sought, each offers perks and cons.


It is usually beneficial for larger organizations and enterprises looking for new employees.


Is ideal for small businesses, well-known brands, and local prospects.


Following the hashtag #jobs can lead to a wide selection of opportunities both locally and nationally.


Connecting with smaller brands and start-ups is advantageous.

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ option, employing a combination of traditional sites and social media outlets for your job hunt can sometimes be most effective.

Is there a procedure?

Even while using social media for your job hunt, there is still a code of conduct that should be observed by candidates hoping to be employed by a company.

It is easy to be lulled into a false sense of security because social networks, by definition, are more casual than traditional job boards.

New job searchers should avoid being overly casual or overly pleasant. Any employment applied for should be considered with the same seriousness as any other job application. That involves having your CV and cover letter ready, as well as being prepared to answer probing interview questions.

Whether informal or formal, the hiring business will want to guarantee that they are recruiting the best candidate for their open position. Many opportunities have been missed owing to a candidate’s easygoing attitude when presented via social media, so do not fall into this trap.


Because social media platforms allow for immediate contact, the delays and limits of a conventional hiring procedure can be reduced. This means that job search activities can be more efficient and personable. However, because to the vast volume of posts containing a given hashtag or phrase, targeting the type of placements necessary may be difficult. Nonetheless, social networking is becoming more popular as a tool for job advertisements and applications.

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