CRG Internship Programme in Spain 2024 ( Fully funded)

Through the CRG Internship Programme, students can gain valuable work experience by gaining hands-on experience in a commercial research setting. We encourage all applicants who would like more information about the research industry to apply to CRG. The CRG program is an exciting endeavor that gives you the chance to gain real-world experience. Applying to an interesting program will be possible regardless of your research or study area. Students can work on a range of projects during the internship program, developing the skills and knowledge necessary for consulting. This is an excellent opportunity to learn directly from the source while still in school.

They also give you the opportunity to advance your academic skills. while accumulating more invaluable experience. The program attempts to give young professionals the opportunity to contribute and gain practical experience with the support of a leading organization in their field. It is designed for people who are enthusiastic about the challenges involved in supporting the achievement of organizational goals.

About CRG Internship Programme:

The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) is providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to conduct summer research at the CRG through its 10th Summer Internship Program. The program’s goals are to introduce students to an international laboratory environment and encourage them to pursue careers in science, regardless of their nationality.

Within our diverse, international community at CRG, there are first-rate core technologies as well as an extensive array of training opportunities. Fellows will have access to a wide range of resources, including lectures, seminars, specialized scientific and technological courses, an integrated training program, lectures, an exciting international scientific environment, and opportunities for complementary skill development.

Information about the CRG Internship Programme:

  • Internship location: Spain
  • The Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) is a company.
  • Online applications; fully funded; financial status.

Courses Provided:

  1. Biosciences
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Pharmacology
  4. Biology and Medicine
  5. Life Sciences and Related Fields
  6. Biotechnology Chemistry
  7. Biomedicine

Benefits Included:

  • A 600-euro monthly grant will be awarded to the selected applicants.
  • One return ticket (up to 300 euros for tickets within Europe and 800 euros for tickets outside of Europe) on an airline to the student’s home.
  • Two months of meal coupons are valid (lunch/working days).
  • Interns must get their own health and accident insurance if not provided by the university.
  • Using this Grant, students are in charge of locating their own housing.
  • For candidates to be considered for this internship, they must fulfill each of the requirements stated below.

Undergraduates with a strong academic record and a significant interest in the disciplines specified above should apply.

  • It takes a different application for Master Students.
  • Two full years (four semesters) of undergraduate coursework have been finished by the time the internship starts.
  • Candidates need to speak and write English very well.
  • Applicants can choose to sign an agreement with your Institute for an internship or student placement.

Criteria for Master Students: A solid academic background and a strong interest in the aforementioned fields are prerequisites for master’s students.

  • After the summer internship, now enrolled in a master’s program at a university with a good reputation.
  • Possess a good command of the English language.
  • A student placement/internship arrangement through your university is an option for applicants.

Application: Since the entire application process is conducted online, candidates may submit their applications online. Please make all the required arrangements. Make all the required preparations. Give only precise information. To submit an application, you need to visit the CRG Internship Programme website.

The following details will be on the application:

  • the English registration form, duly completed.
  • Your most recent academic transcript, which should include your final grades and the names of the courses you have already completed.
  • Explain your motivations for applying to the CRG Summer Internship Program, your interests in life sciences research, the reasons behind your decision, and your expectations for the academic and personal benefits of the summer internship.
  • You must provide the contact details of a minimum of one referee. Subsequently, the referee will receive an email from the online system automatically explaining how to attach the referee’s letter of recommendation to your application.
  • As soon as their letter is entered into the database, you will receive an alert.
  • The form can only be sent in once all fields have been completed and the necessary paperwork, including reference letters and transcripts, has been completed.
  • All information must be submitted by March 20, 2024, the application deadline.

Conditions for appointments:

  • A monthly fellowship of 600 euros will be awarded to all selected candidates.
  • The candidate will receive one (1) return public transportation ticket to their place of residence (European ticket up to 300€ or overseas ticket up to 800€) if they do not already live in Barcelona, in addition to one (1) public transportation ticket valid for two (2) consecutive months in Barcelona (Zone1).
  • Candidates must provide their own health and accident insurance if it is not provided by their university.
  • It is the responsibility of the candidates to arrange for their own housing.

Timeframe: During the week of July 18, 2024, all summer internship fellows are expected to be at CRG, as special training exercises are planned for each applicant. The 320 working hours (40 hours per week) that make up the summer training will be spread out over two months, from June to September of 2024. Because of the rigorous nature of the program, participation requires a full-time commitment. The students are required to finish all assigned tasks and turn in a final scientific report.

The Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) has announced that it is offering a fantastic opportunity for an internship in Spain. Applicants may apply online at the CRG website if they fulfill the prerequisites mentioned above. All of the information regarding the internship is available on the CRG website. Check out the CRG website for more details.

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