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Dalhousie University Scholarships 2024/2025, Canada

Dalhousie University Scholarships 2024/2025

Dalhousie College, arranged in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, remains as a recognized and noticeable establishment of advanced education. Laid out in 1818, it has developed a rich tradition of scholastic greatness and advancement, making it perhaps of the most regarded college in Canada and then some.

At the core of Dalhousie College lies a tireless quest for scholarly greatness. The foundation’s scholarly projects are intended to challenge and motivate understudies, cultivating decisive reasoning, critical thinking abilities, and a profound comprehension of their picked fields.

Scholarship Description:


Host College Dalhousie College
Host Nation Canada
Study Level Experts and PhD Level
Grant Type Completely Financed.
Grant Worth 10,000$ – 30,000$
Qualified Nations Public and Global Understudies.
Subjects Accessible All Subjects.
Application deadline January 16th, 2024.


The Scholarships are currently accessible for all Public, Expert, Worldwide, and PhD Understudies in all fields to have the valuable chance to seek after their examinations at the Dalhousie College, Canada.

Dalhousie College is prestigious for its commitments to state-of-the-art exploration and development. It keeps up with various examination communities and organizations, establishing a climate that energizes both staff and understudies to participate in notable exploration projects. Whether it’s in the field of sea life science, wellbeing sciences, manageability, or some other discipline, Dalhousie is at the very front of driving disclosures and progressions.

Dalhousie perceives the significance of experiential learning. The college offers center projects, temporary jobs, and open doors for local area commitment, permitting understudies to apply their study hall information to true difficulties. These encounters are fundamental to a Dalhousie instruction, outfitting graduates with the useful abilities and bits of knowledge required for their future professions.

Scholarship Benefits:

Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship:

  • This grant is a unique advantage for those seeking after Expert’s or Doctoral certificates. For Expert’s level beneficiaries, it implies a yearly increase in $10,000 for quite a long time, and the chance of restoration every year. Doctoral-level beneficiaries, then again, get a liberal $15,000 every year for a long time, with the potential for yearly reestablishment.

Killam Predoctoral Scholarships:

  • Planning to enable the scholastic quests for Expert’s (Level 1) and Doctoral (Level 2) understudies, these scholarships offer significant monetary help. For Level 1 Expert’s understudies, the grant opens ways to up to $42,000 each year for a limit of two years. Moreover, an extra $2,500 is designated to address worldwide educational expenses, and a migration remittance, if necessary. Level 2 Doctoral understudies can profit from up to $42,000 each year for a limit of three years, with the incorporation of a migration recompense when conditions require.

Vitamin Scholarship:

The Nutrient Grant is a reviving an open door for understudies chasing after Expert’s and Doctoral certificates. Esteemed at $19,000 for Expert’s understudies and $21,000 for Doctoral understudies, it covers a whole scholarly year spreading over a year. Ordinarily, one to two lucky people get this grant yearly.

Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship:

A renowned grant with a worth of $40,000 for a full-time frame scholastic year enduring a year. The surprising viewpoint is its sustainability, dependent upon a yearly advancement survey. Holders of this grant can partake in its advantages for a limit of two years of full-time study. It’s vital for note that this grant doesn’t cover charges, and beneficiaries are liable for utilizing the granted sum to cover their costs.

Eligibility Requirements:

For Aspiring Master’s Students:

  • Investigate the CGS-M Assessment Standards, as they structure the establishment for assessing and positioning applications. Understanding these rules is fundamental in making a serious application.
  • While setting up your application, utilize clear and direct language. Stay away from the utilization of intricate language or particular phrasing to guarantee your application is available and effectively comprehended.
  • Investigate the “Framework of proposed research (connection)” segment in the CGS-M guidelines. This asset offers important direction on what to remember for a powerful examination proposition, a basic part of your application.

For Doctoral Hopefuls:

  • Dive into the determination measures for the Orchestrated CGS-Doctoral projects. These standards will assume a urgent part in the assessment cycle and are fundamental to comprehend.
  • Look for direction from the Exploration Proposition guidelines accommodated the Vanier doctoral rivalry or the Tri-Office Doctoral contest. These directions offer important bits of knowledge into what ought to be remembered for areas of strength for a proposition, a pivotal component of your application.

Application Process:

Step 1: Application Creation

  • Presently, now is the ideal time to make another grant application or make acclimations to a current one. You can get to this choice by choosing from the rundown under “My applications” on your landing page. It’s critical to take note of that every candidate is permitted to submit just a single application for each rivalry, so if it’s not too much trouble, try not to present various Orchestrated Grant applications.

Step 2: Master’s CGS-M Opt-In (if applicable)

  • In the event that you’re an Expert’s candidate who has applied for the Tri-Organization CGS-M contest, you have the choice to select in and utilize your CGS-M application inside the Fit Grant Cycle. To do this, select “Expert’s Level – CGS-M Pick In” as the accommodation classification and continue with the application. The Personnel of Graduate Examinations will associate your CGS-M application to your select in structure, consolidating reference letters and records submitted for the Tri-Organization CGSM rivalry. The cutoff time to select in is December first, lined up with the CGS-M application cutoff time set by the Tri-Organization. In the event that you decide not to pick in with your CGS-M application, you’ll have to finish a full Fit Grant Application to be considered for different honors.

Step 3: Transcript Upload

  • Guarantee you acquire official records and transfer them straightforwardly in the grant entry, adhering to the gave application directions. It’s vital to take note of that the Staff of Graduate Investigations won’t supply records from confirmation applications. For the fit grant process, informal grade reports can be utilized instead of true records for current Dalhousie understudies.

Step 4: Reference Letters

  • It’s significant to guarantee that all reference letters are submitted inside the gateway by the cutoff time, which is January 16, 2024 (or February 15 for non-postulation candidates). After this date, the application entrance will near the two candidates and arbitrators, and inadequate applications won’t be sent for audit. Reference letters won’t be acknowledged by means of email or in printed version. It is fitting to illuminate your refs regarding the cutoff time a couple of days to multi week before January 16 to represent unexpected crises or specialized issues. Candidates will get email warnings from the entrance, and a “got” documentation will show up in red close to each ref’s name once their reference has been finished.

Official Website:

For more information, please visit the university’s official website:

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