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Dubai work visa: Price , processing time, age limit and how to apply? Guide and process of UAE working vis

The United Arab Emirates is becoming a more popular relocation destination for foreign nationals. With its diverse range of cultures, this nation offers a wealth of opportunities. The UAE’s capital, Dubai, in particular, offers a vibrant nightlife, a bustling, multicultural culture that balances business and social events, and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for expatriates.

If you’re interested in living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you can find all the information you need here, including the requirements, fees, and more, to apply for a work visa for Dubai.

Dubai work visa

For foreign nationals who wish to work legally in the Emirates, they must apply for a UAE work permit or a work visa. With the aid of a work permit (entry permit) issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, foreign nationals are permitted to enter and work lawfully in the United Arab Emirates for a specific duration.

After entering the country with authorization, foreign nationals are granted a Dubai work visa, also known as a residence visa. To move to the UAE, you will eventually need to obtain a resident visa, which will list your work permit.

UAE work visas for Dubai

In Dubai, there is only one type of work permit. Another name for this work authorization is a labor card. However, employees must obtain an entrance visa, a resident visa, and an Emirate ID card prior to submitting an application for a work permit. However, the UAE recently introduced an entry permit for temporary work missions, which permits visitors with a temporary work assignment (such as a probationary period or project-based mission sponsored by the employer) to apply in compliance with the country’s new visa regulations. A visitor may apply for this admission permit if they are friends or family of a national or resident of the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, all entry-level visas will now be good for one entry or several entries, and for a full year following the date of issuance. They could also be extended for similar amounts of time. Among the requirements are a letter from the employer explaining the reason for the visit or a temporary work contract. Verification of one’s physical and mental suitability for a job is another.

Dubai & UAE employment visa types & age restriction

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) has established the following requirements, which must be fulfilled by any foreign national over the age of 18, in order for them to be employed in Dubai and the other UAE cities. By means of their educational backgrounds and skill sets, the following three categories of foreign workers are established:

Category 1: Possession of a bachelor’s degree or more

Category 2: Possession of a post-secondary diploma in any area

Category 3: Possession of a high school certificate

UAE work visa requirements for Dubai

Employees will require the following paperwork in order to apply for a work permit and a residence visa in the UAE:

  • A current copy of your passport that includes copies of your educational records. (Both your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy or Consulate there must attest to your qualifications.)
    a copy of the applicant’s marriage license, if applicable, and birth certificate.
  • Passport issued by the Emirates.
  • A government-certified medical certificate from a UAE healthcare facility and an admissions authorization from the Ministry of Labor.
  • Evidence of residency in the United Arab Emirates, such as a copy of the commercial license for the company, the leasing agreement, or a copy of the business card of the employer.
  • The applicant’s ability to pay the application fee is proof that they have the funds required to maintain oneself in the UAE.

Validity of Dubai & UAE work visas

Initially, a work permit is granted to applicants for a period of 30 days, after which it can be renewed for an additional 30 days. This allows candidates to remain in Dubai for 60 days, during which their employer must arrange for the acquisition of a Residence Visa, an Emirates ID, and a Labor Card. Visitors are able to live and work legally in the United Arab Emirates with the assistance of a Residence Visa in addition to a Labor Card. The residency visa and accompanying work permit typically last for one or two years, depending on your employment contract. The Federal National Council (FNC) of the UAE has approved extending the duration of work licenses from two to three years. This move is intended to reduce costs of obtaining labor permits. The FNC Committee on Financial, Economic, and Industrial Affairs suggested that the fee for reapplying for a work permit while changing jobs be removed and that the validity period be increased to three years.

The FNC also supported a proposal requiring workers to stay with a company for a minimum of a year after their probationary period, though this requirement may be suspended with the employer’s permission. The renewal of work permits offers greater freedom and possibly even cost savings to individuals who work in the United Arab Emirates.

How can I apply for a Dubai and UAE work visa online?

Before you can start the process of obtaining your work permit and employment visa, you must find an employer who will hire you. There are three steps involved in obtaining a work visa for the United Arab Emirates:

Getting a visa to enter the UAE.

In order to begin the process of obtaining an Employment Entry Visa (also known as a Pink Visa or Residence Visa), employers must take the following steps:

submit a request on your behalf to have the visa quota approved. If an employment contract is submitted to the Ministry of Labour (MOL), this will be accepted. You will need to sign this contract because the Ministry must approve the work permit application before issuing an employment entrance visa. Once your visa and permission have been granted, you have two months to enter the United Arab Emirates. You will have sixty days to apply for a resident visa and a formal work permit if you do so with a pink visa.

How to get an Emirates ID

An Emirates ID is required for the medical screening. To apply for an ID, you must bring your original passport and a copy along with your entrance visa. The location that applicants must physically visit is the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) center.

Obtaining a work permit and a visa for residency

This contract can be signed and returned to the employer as soon as your company receives Ministry of Labor permission for the immigration quota. The employer can then apply for a work permit on your behalf; the residency visa will include a listing of the work permit; once the work permit is approved, the employee can formally begin working. All of the above-mentioned needed papers are required in order to apply for a residence visa.

Acquire a visa for employment.

The candidates will now receive a pink visa for employment entry at the airport. Candidates will have two months to complete their application for a resident visa. Upon arrival in the UAE, you will undergo a medical examination and visit an Emirates ID service center, also called a Customer Happiness Center. There, you will be required to present your passport and entrance permission, submit to biometric testing, and provide your medical records and employment contract, which are required in order to add you to the payroll system.

Pick up your Emirates ID.

The residence visa stamp will now be present on the applicants’ passports. Once they have this, applicants can open a bank account and use government services. After ten days, applicants can pick up their Emirates ID card. Strict regulations apply to all work visas to Dubai and other UAE emirates in order to protect workers’ rights.

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