Empowering Citizen Journalists: Apply for Forest Micro-Scholarships for COP28 and UN Side-Events

Introduction To Forest Micro-Scholarships for COP28 and UN Side-Events

The ability of journalism to raise awareness of important issues in a time of environmental disasters and global challenges cannot be emphasized. We are excited to announce the creation of seven forest micro-scholarships to assist aspiring journalists and citizen journalists. The recipients of these scholarships are expected to be those who plan to attend either the Forum on Minority Issues or COY, two official UN side events, or the upcoming COP28. Our goal is to promote reporting on important subjects like the rights of nature, the preservation of forests, and the interaction between humans and the natural world.

Who Can Apply?

We encourage people of all ages and ethnicities to apply for these grants. We welcome applications from anyone who is passionate about environmental journalism and wants to use their reporting to change the world, even though our main goal is to empower young citizen journalists.

Scholarship Details

The chosen candidates will have the chance to improve their knowledge and abilities by getting insightful feedback from seasoned media professionals. The scholarship, worth 140 euros, will be given out after the article or visual piece is turned in. The purpose of this financial assistance is to lessen some of the costs related to attending these important events.

Application Process

The application process is straightforward. Simply click HERE to get started. The applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, so it’s essential to act promptly. Once the selection process is finalized, the application form will be closed.

Partner Organizations

We are honored to be working in tandem with the following partner organizations, who also share our dedication to amplifying voices and promoting the rights of nature:

  1. Consulting Humanity
  2. Global Youth
  3. Cosmic Consciousness

Our partners are committed to bringing about constructive change and elevating the voices of environmental activists.

In summary

A special chance for aspiring journalists to cover COP28 and UN side events is provided by the forest micro-scholarships for citizen journalists. We hope to spur change and improve the conversation about the Rights of Nature, forest preservation, and humanity’s place in the natural world by endorsing reporting on important environmental issues. We welcome enthusiastic people of all ages and backgrounds to apply and take part in this life-changing opportunity.

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