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How to compete in the labour market

competion in the labour market

Competion in the labour market


Being a competent job seeker can provide you an advantage in a competitive job market when recruiters are selecting candidates for interviews. It can also be a vital strategy to get your foot in the door and market yourself. Ensure that your pertinent credentials are prominently featured at the top of your application. To make them stand out, think about using bold.

· According to research, our eyes move in a “F” shape when we scan a document online, so place anything you want to stand out as a heading or the first few words of a phrase on the left.

· If you have some spare time and are unemployed or on furlough, think about updating your qualifications. extra to spare. While looking for a job, look for online courses from UK career advice websites to start learning; Job Search Place offers some recommendations to get you started.


Having experience in the field can provide you an advantage in a crowded job search market, so make sure the recruiter can easily find your experience on your application.

If you don’t have much experience, you could attempt volunteering or freelancing to gain more in the field you want to work in.

Could you think about becoming a trustee if you’re interested in entering or advancing in the charity sector? It might just require you to attend four to six meetings a year, all of which are now conducted virtually, so it might be a terrific opportunity to expand your network, share your abilities, learn new things, and have something to provide you an advantage during interviews.

· Would you think about doing a brief internship with a reputable company to make your next applications stand out? In order to avoid paying for airfare or requiring you to be stationed in the southeast, many are now given remotely. You can begin your search for internships on several job search and career advising websites in the UK, as they provide the option to filter results by internship.

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Knowledge of the labor market is your most valuable asset while trying to land a job.

  • Check that your data is current.  The labour market is constantly changing and during the pandemic the rate of change is accelerating so you need the latest information to stay ahead.   For example, we know that jobs in non-essential retail, the creative sectors, travel and hospitality have been badly shaken, but we also know that jobs in bicycle repair, delivery drivers, supermarket management healthcare, IT, renewables and work from home jobs are expanding.

· Where can I locate the data? There is a lot of information available simply by following the news; reading a daily newspaper, tuning in to the radio, or accessing news online can all provide inspiration. job-search websites as well

· Try Luminate, LMI for All, or the quarterly surveys from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development for further in-depth research. To see the most pertinent data first, look for ways to filter the information by the public, commercial, or voluntary sectors.

· If you’re an audio person or need to brush up on labor market information while cooking or driving, there’s no shortage of excellent podcasts available to assist you in understanding the numbers.

· Another way to conduct research is to use job search websites such as, which will help you determine which positions are in high demand at the moment you’re searching. The serendipity (chance) model, which is based on labor market data analysis and looking through job openings on job search engines, is one of the most enduring models in careers advice theory.

large names

Using this strategy, your resume will stand out from the hundreds of others on job search websites.

· Have you ever contributed to or worked on a compensated initiative involving a well-known brand that potential employers may have heard of?

· It can be highly effective to highlight this on your cover letter or job search site profile; for instance, if you finished your training placement at the Hilton Hotel, worked on a project financed by The Mayor of London, or were selected as a volunteer for the Tour de France.

You may have an advantage if your application is linked to these well-known companies.

novel technologies

Staying up to date with industry advancements will help you compete in the job market. For instance, changes in government policy can provide a clear picture of future trends in the labor market. If you are a qualified candidate, learning about new green environmental policies may be beneficial. For example, a mechanic may decide to pursue additional training to service electric cars, or a plumber may be the first in their city to offer gas boiler replacements. One easy approach to learn about new trends and make sure you stay ahead of the curve is to watch, listen, and read the news.

Adaptable abilities

Emphasize your transferable abilities. As a result of the pandemic, many firms have had to consider how to reorganize their workforce or change their operations to accommodate new methods of working. This implies that they will be on the lookout for competent job applicants with transferable abilities in the future so they can handle the pandemic and other issues that may come up.

· If you are uploading your resume to job search websites, start your CV with an overview of your transferable talents (such as graphic design, website upkeep, project management, communication, logistics, driving, and people management) to grab the recruiter’s attention.

· To stand out from the competition, highlight your transferable talents as soon as possible in cover letters and online applications.

Consider how much has changed. We’ve heard of the following recent developments in labour market and in general: a nearby bookshop launches click-and-collect; a restaurant transforms into a takeout business with delivery drivers; a manufacturer halts operations to begin producing face masks. In each of these situations, they need laborers with adaptable talents.

What distinguishes you?

What distinguishing feature do you offer? Establishing this up front will offer you a significant boost in your job hunt. Maybe it’s your ability to speak many languages fluently, your extensive construction ticket collection that allows you to handle any task on a construction site, your background producing specialized podcasts with friends, or your video editing skills for the school play—all of these things make you stand out from the crowd. The hobbies and interests area of your CV or application can be helpful if you’re not sure where to include them.

Exhibit adaptability

The rise in work-from-home jobs in the UK has been one of the most significant changes to the labor sector brought about by the pandemic.

· If you’ve taken this step and have set up a temporary office at home, please indicate so in your application.

Employers are aware that in 2021, constraints will still be in place, and remote work positions will still account for a sizable portion of the UK labor market.

This is also excellent news for job seekers because it allows recruiters to reach a bigger pool of candidates. Instead of requiring candidates to visit a specific location, they may search anywhere in the United Kingdom for the best fit.

Obtain a second view.

Locate an evaluative friend who can give your application or resume a second opinion. It can be a friend who used to work in human resources or your aunt, uncle, or neighbor who has experience in your industry.

· Have them read it over and provide you with three suggestions for improvement. By assigning a number, you’ll give them the impression that it won’t consume their entire weekend and motivate them to concentrate on finding areas where you can do better.

· Clarify that the primary task is not checking the application for errors (though it is always helpful if someone catches one you overlooked), but rather figuring out how to best market yourself and make an impression.

Mental health

Looking for a job and working out how best to sell yourself is a long project and a tough competition, so you need to be at your best physically and mentally in labour market. To get ahead of the crowd your profile on job search sites needs to come across as fresh, dynamic and full of energy. This can be hard if you are feeling weary. Plan into your job search timetable one thing per day that will boost your mental health – a bike ride, a phone call to a friend or a creative project. Just 30 minutes of these activities can be the pit stop you need to re-enter the race with a full tank.

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