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How to Compete in the Workplace

How to Compete in the Workplace Qualifications

Being a competent job seeker will give you an advantage early on when the recruiter is deciding who to call for an interview, and it may be a key method to get your foot in the door to sell yourself in a tough labor market. Ensure that your relevant qualifications are prominently presented toward the top of your application. Make use of bold to help them stand out.

According to research, when we scan a document online, our eyes move in a “F” shape, therefore place anything that you want to stand out as the first words of a phrase or as a heading on the left. Consider upgrading your credentials, especially if you are unemployed or on leave and have some free time. Look for online courses from UK career advice websites that you can start studying while job looking; Job Search Place provides some ideas to get you started.


In an overcrowded job search market, having expertise in the field will provide you an advantage, and you want to make sure your experience is easy to detect on your application.

  • If you don’t have a lot of experience, consider freelancing or volunteering to gain experience in the industry you want to work in.
  • Could you consider being a trustee if you want to get into or advance in the charity sector? The commitment may simply be to attend 4-6 sessions a year, which are now entirely online, so it might be a terrific opportunity to gain knowledge, meet new people, share your skills, and have something positive to give you an advantage.
  • Could you consider a brief internship with a well-known firm to supplement your future applications? Many are now available remotely, so you don’t have to pay for travel or live in the southeast. Some job search and career advising websites in the UK allow you to filter by internship, so this is an excellent place to start your investigation.

    The most significant instrument in your job-search difficulty is labor market information

  •  Make sure your data is up to date. The labor market is continuously changing, and the rate of change is accelerated during the pandemic, so you must have up-to-date information to stay ahead. We know, for example, that jobs in non-essential retail, the creative sectors, travel, and hospitality have been severely impacted, but we also know that opportunities in bicycle maintenance, delivery drivers, supermarket management, healthcare, IT, renewables, and work-from-home positions are growing.
  •  Where can I get the information? Much information is available simply by following the news – reading a daily newspaper, listening to the radio, or browsing news online can all generate ideas.

    In their careers guidance areas, job search websites may also contain labor market information.

  •  For additional in-depth research, look at Luminate, LMI for All, or the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s quarterly surveys. Look for ways to filter the numbers by private/voluntary/public sector so that you can see the most relevant information first.
  •  There are many good podcasts available to assist you comprehend the facts and data if you prefer audio or need to increase your labor market knowledge while driving or cooking.
  •  Using job search sites like as part of your research will help you get a sense of which jobs are available at the time of your search. One of the most persistent models in careers guidance theory is that of serendipity (chance) – by examining labor market statistics and browsing vacancies on job search sites and UK career help sites, you may come across opportunities you had never considered before, thus opening up a whole new career path.

    Famous individuals

    This is a strategy that can help your CV stand out among the hundreds of others on job search websites Have you ever worked on a paid or volunteer project that involves a well-known brand that other employers may have heard of?

    Highlighting this on your cover letter or job search site profile can be highly eye catching; for example, if you worked on a project financed by The Mayor of London, were selected as a volunteer for the Tour de France, or finished your training placement at the Hilton Hotel. Associating your application with these household names can offer you an advantage.

    Innovative technology

    Keeping up with developments in your field will help you compete in the labor market, for example, governmental policy changes can give a true indication of the direction the employment market will go – hearing about new green environmental policies could help you if you are a qualified job seeker, for example, a mechanic deciding to take an extra qualification in servicing electric cars or a plumber being the first in your city to offer installation of alternatives to gas boilers. Listening to, reading, and watching the news is a simple method to remain up to date on current trends.

  • Transferable abilities

    Highlight your transferable abilities — as a result of the epidemic, many employers have had to consider how they may re-deploy their employees or pivot their organization to meet new ways of working. This means that in the future, they will be looking for competent job candidates with transferable abilities to respond to the pandemic and other issues.

    If you are submitting your CV to job search websites, provide a summary of your transferable talents (e.g., graphic design/website maintenance/project management/communication/logistics/driving/people management) at the beginning of your CV to capture the recruiter’s attention. In cover letters and online applications, emphasize your transferable talents early on to set yourself apart from the competition.

    Consider the following recent examples: a restaurant becomes a takeaway with delivery drivers, a local bookstore begins click and collect, and a manufacturing halt production to begin making face masks. In all of these situations, they required a workforce with transferable skills.

    What distinguishes you?

    What is your distinguishing feature? Working out this detail early in your job hunt will offer you a significant advantage. Perhaps it’s your proficiency in numerous languages, your complete set of construction tickets, your experience co-creating a niche podcast with a friend, or editing video for the school play – all of these things make you stand out above the crowd. If you’re not sure where to put them in your CV/application, the hobbies and interests section can help.

    Exhibit adaptability.

    One of the most significant changes in the labor sector as a result of the epidemic has been the rise in work-from-home opportunities in the United Kingdom. Mention this in your application if you have made this relocation and now have a makeshift workspace at home.

    Employers understand that in 2021, we will still be moving between limitations, and work from home positions in the UK will be a significant component of the labor market. This is also excellent news for job seekers because recruiters are casting a wider net; if the candidate does not have to come into a set office, they can recruit from anywhere in the UK to locate the best person.

    Obtain a second opinion

    Find a critical friend who will look over your CV/application with new eyes. It may be an aunt/uncle/neighbor who has worked in your field before, or a friend who used to work in human resources. Request that they read through and provide you with three suggestions for changes. Putting a number on it will help them feel like it won’t take up their entire weekend and will motivate them to focus on ways you can better.

    Explain that the key activity isn’t proofreading for errors (though it’s always helpful if someone notices one you missed), but rather determining the best ways to market yourself and make the application stand out.

    Mental well-being

    Looking for work and figuring out how to promote yourself is a time-consuming process that requires you to be physically and intellectually fit. To stand out from the throng, your job search profile should appear new, lively, and full of energy. This can be difficult if you are tired. Plan one thing per day to improve your mental health into your job search schedule, such as a bike ride, a phone call to a buddy, or a creative endeavor. Just 30 minutes of these activities could be all you need to re-enter the race with a full tank.

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